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I started this today 5th Sep 2018 to help gamers who played Shadows Awakening which is recently launched. There are currently no other websites that help gamers on maps, quests and puzzles but there're plenty of reviews. Also it has many puzzles, like pushing boulders, run quickly to pull levels and stepping on correct floor traps. As I played along, updates will be published here. I'll be very simple here. No huge links. No charater building. Mostly will be quests and maps.

For the starting game maps, I had to go back and make the maps. I had already pass those. But they are very easy. I'm currently finished on Agog'Aak map but the quest is not done as I need 2 sun stones. It's a very complicated 3 puzzles in 1 map. So, I'm in Chapter 4 now.

If you need maps that I don't have, I can't help you as I'm not there yet where you are.

Refer my Hints. My list of Maps, Artifacts, Legendary and Soulstones items.

Do not enter these areas as they are bugs.

- Necropolis in Kyallisar

- Arcanum Laboratory

Locations with Boulder Levers

- Imperial Tomb II

- Dura Tyr House

13 Sep 2018

I had finished the game's Main quest of killing Lady Mara. It's really frustrating because you had to roll the stupid timed boulder while being attacked. It's not easy moving that boulder if you know what I mean. And you had to do it 3 times. So if you have other unfinished quests, do not do this. After this, the game is over. Now I had to load my previous saved game to do my other unfinished quests.

My map labels are as follows :

L - Legendary

A - Artifacts

B - Boss

J - Journal

Q - Quest items

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